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We think of us a research lab in field of mobility with an aim to constantly infuse technology in automobiles. We work on latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Lithium Ion Storage, Internet of Things and advanced Electric Powertrains to provide best machines till date.
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The world is waking up to a new reality. After more than a century of commuting in one particular way, we are now at the cusp of a potent alternative. Electric Mobility is an idea whose time has come. The world is engaged with it and enthralled by it. From engineers to entrepreneurs, everyone is excitedly exploring the vast possibilities in every aspect of this new wave – design, materials, battery, performance, artificial intelligence etc.

As is the rule, some people wake up to an idea sooner than the rest. Long before Electric Mobility caught the fancy of the world, we have been wide-awake, spending sleepless nights on it. Clearly, our motivation is to be always ahead of time. And our pursuit is to make the world experience it.

These are big words for a company that’s yet small. But the world has proven time and again it’s not size alone that matters. Those who seize an idea ahead of others will rapidly resize themselves and the rest.

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Aeromobix is a Kolkata based company geared towards R&D centred on state of the art drive-by-wire platforms and “human inspired ” autopilot technology. We specialise in design & development of bespoke drive-by-wire systems for vehicles upto 30T GVW. The company is led by Anuj Agarwal (Founder) , an avid automotive enthusiast, inventor, out-of-the-box thinker. Aeromobix is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions and providing great services and intends to radically change the way we drive today!
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We strongly believe drive-by-wire systems will be indispensable in future and nearly all vehicles will be equipped with it due to its wide spectrum of advantages . It facilitates any intelligent vehicle to self navigate , self-park , offers better and precise control while some functionalities such as ADAS, LDW, Collision avoidance , Autonomous Electric Braking (AEB) that are found in modern day cars are all enabled by this technology. By-wire systems offer “in-direct” control allowing for layers of safety and intelligence in-between the driver and the vehicle . Derived from the popular “ fly-by-wire “ systems it is time we see the advantages of this technology in a much larger scale in future mobility specially in the AV and BEV domain.

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Aeromobix Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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