Inviting Co-founders (

Inviting Co-founders

We are inviting potential Co-founders for our Digital Personal Financial Planning and Advisory start-up Mowize: ‘Money wise’. We are searching for young, dynamic and enterprising Co-founders with the following background:-
1) Technology Head with preferably 4-5 years of exposure in mobile and back end applications. We are open to founders of unsuccessful start-up in past.
2) Expert Certified Financial Planner with 4-5 years of experience in Personal Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory.
Requesting all interested prospects to message their interest along with their LinkedIn profile link.

About Mowize (
Conceived and developed as a ‘Financial Wellness Platform’ for middle income Individuals and an aggregator platform for ‘Financial and Investment Service providers’ to help them compete with large institutionalized players. with a potential to employ large professional gig workforce in Investment & tax advisory space , Mowize intends to achieve two-fold objectives of:
· Financial Wellness of its more than 100 mn potential users in India and
· Provide a competitive platform to Boutique Financial Service providers
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