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DJAX Adserver Technology Solutions, develops Ad Server Software products that enables internet Publishers, Advertisers, Ad Agencies and Ad Networks to effectively run and report on their online advertising campaigns on Display, Mobile and Video platforms. dJAX Adserver providing relentless Ad-tech solution for placement of ads on display, mobile and OTT devices. Now target potential audience using Artificial Intelligence and RTB techniques to buy and sell ads.
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Adserver for Agencies
Adserver for Publishers
Mobile Adserver
Video Adserver
Affiliate Adserver
Display & Video Adserver
Display & Mobile Adserver
Mobile & Video Adserver
Premium Display Adserver
Native Adserver
Header Bidding
Header Bidder Adapter
Adserver with SSP & DSP
Supply Side Platform (SSP)
dJAX Adserver for WordPress
dJAX Adserver for Joomla
dJAX Adserver for Drupal
dJAX Adserver for Magento

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