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We promote, showcase and fill your available shared spaces.

Like many digital businesses, we’ve grown up working out of garages, cafes, cubicles, kitchen tables to closet sized spaces!

The forever increasing costs of establishing and maintaining an office as well as the liabilities entwined with long-term leases was a waning option for us and generally has made the traditional office model unviable for most individuals and businesses, freelancers and startups especially.

Positively, it’s changed the way we all work and today, according to Statista, there are around 15,500 coworking spaces available in the world; and our guess over 2 million coworkers, with other sources reporting the number of people using coworking spaces will rise to 3.8 million by 2020. These statistics, and more like them, confirm flexible workspaces are now the workplace of choice and it’s led us here creating

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